There is always a “thing behind the thing” affecting everything else.

My work began with my own questions

How do you escape one thing and end up feeling trapped in another? How can you be who you want to be in tough relationships, for real? How do you gain respect while being nice, compassionate and loving? Why does faith sometimes feel like it's not enough? 

The answers formed some of the foundations from which I work with my clients. 

Sometime last year I called my mom and tearfully told her about a dilemma. She gave me challenging advice about setting a boundary that I was avoiding as it would be uncomfortable to do. I was a little surprised by her fierceness, and when I thanked her she laughed, “I learned it all from you. I’m literally just repeating your words back to you.” Thanks for that day, Mom! This is never ending work, and at different points of the journey we all need help, reminders of what we now, and a push. We can’t always see ourselves clearly regardless of age, experience, or intellect. 


Rebecca is a trainer for your mind and a refuge for your heart.
I realized my own strength working with you.
— Megan Argabrite

Everything begins with thoughts, so lets work on how you think!


Your mind, body, and HEart are connected 

I believe it's up to you to protect what you're responsible for-- your mind, body, spirit, and how you show up in the world. Taking 100 percent responsibility for myself and everything in my life continues to be the hardest, and most empowering choice I make daily.

In high school I started mentoring younger teens through a church youth program. There I was first exposed to the reality of young girls cutting and making suicide attempts. Perhaps this was when the trajectory of my life formed as a passion to face reality head on, an urgency to free us all from the lies of shame, and the desire to create (and help others create) belonging. During college, I taught life skills in a high risk school and started a grassroots reading program with a handful of neighborhood kids in Detroit. I went on to work with adjudicated youth programs, private mental health programs, wilderness therapy treatment for teens and as a parent transition coach for over 10 years. I became an ICF certified wellness coach to create a business in which I could cater to my clients' needs in ways outside of the box.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

I did some other stuff... 

In 2008 a special kind of crazy came upon me and I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. I later moved south, committed to multi-cultural marriage, became a step-mom to 2 lovely (now adult) children, moved into a church for a year of service, and adopted a dog I’m obsessed with. I love to hike, practice yoga, teach neighborhood kids gardening, re-warm my coffee 10 times a day and nurture my book and podcast addiction. I consider myself a co-dependent, perfectionist, overachieving people-pleaser in active recovery. 

I have worked with many parents, pastors, college students, teens and I am always working on myself. I do my best to nurture those who engage in my free private community-- come join us! 

My coaching has changed lives by allowing women safety and support to work on their inner life- those hidden motivations, secret thoughts, and unrealized beliefs- while developing practical skills for the outer life. I work with private clients who are serious, ready to invest in themselves and actively make empowering changes.