I no longer leT


fear hold me bacK.

“Working with Rebecca is amazing! After every session, I feel more and more empowered. I am finally getting answers to the anger I carried. Rebecca has walked me through steps to check myself and propel me forward. I have been able to share techniques that Rebecca has taught me with loved ones. If it wasn't for her I would still not feel whole. I am now ready to explore so many different opportunities- I no longer let fear hold me back. I know how to work through my resistance. I'm so grateful to Rebecca for assisting me on this journey!”   

-Kerri Hill, Mother and Teacher





Coaching has allowed me to take more control

“I have realized a lot of my own strength through working with Rebecca. She has helped me recognize places in my life where I can be kinder to myself, and has helped me untangle my own needs from those of people close to me by drawing healthy boundaries. Coaching has allowed me to take more control over my days, my thoughts, and my moments. Life still gets overwhelming at times, but now I have tools to use to stay healthy and focused.” 

Megan Argabrite, Worship Arts Director




The greatest Thing I could do for myself

“I never truly knew how much I needed coaching until I started to get some coaching! I have gotten to know "me" differently. Working with Rebecca on training my brain... this has been one of the greatest things I could learn or do for myself. It allows me a freedom within that I don't think I would have come to without this process. Some exercises are hard to do, but MAN OH MAN are they worth going through. Coaching is different than therapy . . . I am learning the difference. . . she's like my coach and my cheerleader at the same time! I'm grateful!”

Octavia Ramsey, Youth Director




A Role Model I can always trust

“Coaching with Rebecca helped my confidence, sense of self-worth, and taught me proper tools to create my own happiness. Talking through problems on facetime and being able to text when I needed support was really meaningful to me. I learned a lot about co-dependency. Becca is the main role model in my life and someone I can always trust. I wish I could call her every day. I would recommend this especially for young women and girls!” 

18 y/o College Student,  SC

“Coaching was such a great experience for us. Rebecca helped us stay strong and establish boundaries, to not give in or get discouraged, and to relate to our son when he transitioned home from treatment. Rebecca made herself available off hours and at very key times. We recommend her for parents with teens having confidence problems or parent relationship issues. She truly helped us change life in our household and improve the relationship with our son.” 

Parents of 18 y/o male, NC


a powerful experience!

“I didn't realize my thinking was so negative until working with Rebecca! I learned how to identify my feelings and tools to change my thoughts. I have learned so much about communicating more effectively with my husband and adult son. I recommend coaching for anyone who wants personal growth and needs help with their private family problems. This is a powerful experience!

Kathi Carrol, Administrator & Mother

Thank you again for all you did for me! This both broke my heart open and gave me hope. Exposing the parts of myself that I put away and ignore because they hurt too much, take too much work or don't feel important, allowed me to gain perspective. I feel like I'm not standing still anymore; I know what I can do to work on myself which I think will always help me with areas of my life that I struggle in.

Laura Schick, Medical Spa and consultant