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You matter.

Your relationships matter. 

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Your Personalized Breakthrough


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney



You are created to live a more abundant story than striving for perfection, feeling taking advantage of, or sitting on your dreams. 

It's time to leave some baggage behind. Here is my most individualized coaching package.

$1,300  OR 4 payments of $350

This four-month coaching program includes: 

  • 10 one-hour sessions (initial session is 90 minutes).

  • Detailed follow up emails with session overview so you don't miss a thing.

  • Personalized assignments, challenges, and fun-work to help you cultivate change.

  • In-between session communication and check in’s for support and accountability.

 LEt's go after what you want and need. 

LEt's build on the leader within you that is courageous, authentic and free.

LEt's develop practical skills and plans to create a thriving life.



I love working with Becky. She is not only very kind, and gentle, but also very intuitive. She helps me see a new way of looking at things. I came to her with many tangled knots. She helped me so much that as a result, I am much more understanding with my husband than ever before in our 3 decades of marriage. I never thought that this was possible.
— Therese Lipovsky, family business owner

Family Coaching + Consulting


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin



Is the relationship with your teen disheartening and your household overwhelming? That’s tough and it might be a rocky road out, but there is a road out. When others refuse help, resist your influence and withdraw connection, you still have options. Become a more courageous, safe, respected and deeply loving family leader.

  • 90 minute initial assessment with patterns observed and coaching goals

  • 12 parent sessions over 4 months

  • Follow up emails with a session overview including personalized assignments or challenges

  • In between session email/text availability for stuck moments or celebrations

  • Development of a family manifesto or household agreement

  • Personal and family values identification

  • Collaboration with other professionals involved with the family. 

Grow your family stronger.

Rebecca helped us stay strong and establish boundaries, to not give in or get discouraged, and to relate to our son when he transitioned home from treatment. Rebecca made herself available off hours and at very key times. We recommend her for parents with teens having confidence problems or parent relationship issues. She truly helped us change life in our household and improve the relationship with our son.
— Parents of 17 y/o teen male, Charlotte NC

Teen Mentorship


"We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public" -Bryan White


Price varies with package!

Being a teen is no joke. You do things you don’t want to do, feel incredible conflicting external and internal pressures without the skills or support to understand it all. Whether you can regularly perform and hit the ever elusive “mark” or miss it, you constantly feel like you have to earn a place to belong. In conjunction with the adult consulting program, your teen may be a candidate to thrive with a highly experienced teen mentor. This is an additional service added on by a case by base basis. Like you, I want you and your teen or young adult to get what you both truly need when you need it. Let’s discuss if you’re family would be good fit!

  • Weekly sessions

  • Texting/Cell availability between sessions

  • Check in’s/follow up support initiated by me.

  • Exercises pulled from CBT and DBT

  • Personal values exploration

  • Family joint mediation as needed

Coaching with Rebecca helped my confidence, sense of self-worth, and taught me proper tools to create my own happiness. I learned a lot about co-dependency. Becca is the main role model in my life and someone I can always trust. I wish I could call her every day. I would recommend this especially for young women and girls!”
— 17 y/o young woman, SC