Getting what you want.

What does it feel like in your body TO WANT?

Do you know?

Have you ever noticed? 

We want the entire dessert right now, we want our kids to be (or just look) successful and obedient right now, we want that extra money so bad we can taste it, we want THAT body. 

I'm not against wanting. I actually think desire is an important God-given force in our lives that most of us have a really mixed up relationship with. 

When we learn to listen with our bodies or our entire selves, not just our minds, we find out we don't actually want endless ice cream every day; we want emotional comfort and our bodies actually want a different nourishment.

We don't actually want our kids to be something just for appearances at all costs; we want them thriving and whole.

We want the freedom and flexibility we think money provides; we want to taste our problems melting away. 

And, most of us don't truly want to live the sacrificial lifestyle THAT body requires (otherwise, you probably would be). 

Getting what you want is worlds apart from wanting what you can get (or what you already have).

When we get all up in our heads wanting things from that place of compulsion: hyper-focused, desperate, fearful, critical; this is not passion or true desire from the wisdom within ourselves. 

An antidote or a place to start is practicing wanting what you already have.

Practice wanting what you once wanted but forgot to keep wanting two seconds after you got it, what you thought you wanted and didn't enjoy because it wasn't exactly what you thought, what your reality is right now whether you think thoughts about it that make it lighter or heavier to live in. 

This may be a stretch for some.

I promise it gets easier with practice. I promise it will start to feel good and create space for enjoying the journey. Your life IS today, not tomorrow.

PUSHBACK: You may be thinking, how will I motivate myself to be promoted, get an A, take better care of myself if I want the job description, the grade, or the body I have now?

You may be afraid this practice will take away your drive for changing or pursuing or growing or getting better in some way, but I assure you it won't. It's the first step to finding your way back to a truer desire within you. A place of motivation more powerful than the striving of fear, self-disgust or criticism. It's a step of reacquainting yourself with 'yourself' and eventually a motivating desire so free and powerful that bravery, not shame, overcomes you. 

I want the house I have because ______.
I want the car I have because ______.
I want the kids I have because _______. 
I want the job I have becuase ______.
I want the lawn I have because ______.
I want the office supplies I have because _______.
I want the shoes I have because ______. 
I want the money I have because _______. 

Keep practicing.

Let me know how it goes and how much you love it or hate it.

P.S. I know how challenging this work can be. I also know the payoff is priceless and support makes all the difference. That's why I offer a free 30-minute mini-coaching sessions to my blog readers. Shhhh!!!  Check out my calendar here.